Ruthless Grace & Almighty Feebleness (split)

by Lunatii / Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink / Wither

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Cold Candor Split One Man Projects :
Lunatii (Russia) - by Blakie "The Voidoid" White
Cityscape Drawn in Black ink (Romania) - by L.
Wither (China) - by 毁怜


released April 22, 2016

Lunatii tracks
Wither tracks

Artwork by Blakie "The Voidoid" White



all rights reserved


Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink Cluj Napoca, Romania

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Track Name: Cityscape Drawn in Black ink - Wave of Mutilation
Rats in the sewers eat me alive,
I am a mutant, I cannot die.
Feeding on the pollution around,
I am the king, look at my crown.
My pierce one hundred
the poison take the heavy out,
reincarnation ready,
I fly to the otherworld.
Crooked teeth stretching like a cage,
for the lives not spared, I take them all!
Diadem of seven diamonds shining
like a dagger in the night, dead and cold.
Fall back, blade in your neck,
try to scream, silenced.
In-between realms I am the plague,
deadly and ethereal.
Track Name: Cityscape Drawn in Black ink - Realm
Elusive wizards cast their spells,
hiding in the shadows, their face is obscured.
One cannot oppose to that cannot be seen,
but can become invisible.
Embers float in the misty air,
dawning sun casts a shadow
of dark cloaked figures, looking down,
on mass graves hollow.
Deep underground lies a cloak,
which enchantment is beyond all time.
Transcend all evil to find it,
true value is not measured in gold.
Track Name: Cityscape Drawn in Black ink - Natural Order
Darkest days upon us,
fuck those who resist
against the natural order.
Indulgence will only take you so far
by far unnoticed,
skeletons underground
speak without words spoken.
Bondages of green,
tranquil plains to nurture,
shrines built for no one,
decrowned god split into many.
Utopia seen through eyes of greedy,
a mirage keeping empires alive,
half-asleep the rest dreams strange,
unknown that they're dying.